Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I am now a "NORMAL VOLUNTEER". This is a high and a low. A high because now i get to interact with the other volunteers that i live with. A low because I love working with the teachers and the school so much.

So some of you may be asking....a normal volunteer, what does that mean. Well first off, I'm still my weird goofy self(that will never change) but i am now apart of group #3 and we get to rotate through the different jobs that need to get done. There are 3 categories of jobs. #1 is Construction; #2 is Education; and #3 is medical.

I have done the first 2 already. With construction we moved about 300 cinder blocks, 500 bricks, and 80 pans of rocks. and these are all low estimates. I didn't mind it as much, the hardest part was the brick dust that got in your eyes, nose, and mouth every time the wind blew. The people in the colony though were happy to see us and always waved at me when i waved at them. Come on, who doesnt like to wae at a giant white guy(thats me).

Next with Education, That was today. We stayed in the library and had a student every 20 minutes come in. It was hard with reading, since I am not really trained in tutoring for reading and not that good at it myself. But when it came to math...OH BOY i was excited. I love math(at least the stuff i know). I got to teach the finger trick for anything from 1 to 10 for the 9 table.

Well, other than that, not much is different. Oh i was playing a game with the kids called Go-Go(AKA: tag on crack) and kicked a stick. I am ok. just got a small spot on my massive foot. Dr. Susan(on campus doctor) got it cleaned up and bandage on it and i got my tetnis shot.

Well, off to dinner i go. Love you all.

Tomorrow i will put pictures of me doing construction and medical. WOO HOO

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Melissa said...

i'm glad you're still your goofy self. miss you!