Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Life in a new place


its been a while since i last posted on here. so i am here to tell you all i have moved apartment building. if you would like my new address please feel free to email/call me and ask for the address.

It is still in rexburg and i am still going to school at BYU-Idaho. The new place is a town house set up(two story) 3 bedroom, 3 full bathroom. 2 fridges, washer and dryer in the apartment and wait for it wait for it.... GARBAGE DISPOSAL. i know i shouldn't be that excited but for some reason people don't understand u cant put food down the drain when you don't have a garbage disposal. instead of cinder blocks for walls i have dry wall. and our lounge has a theater room for like 80 people, a game room, a small gym, a sitting area with a fire place, and a study room. it also comes with two grills on the patio.

So i am loving my new home.

So the past summer i was working with the BLM here in Idaho Falls and had an awesome time. my bosses were amazing and my co-workers at the Eastern Idaho Visitor Center were probably the best co-workers i have ever had. So know you are probably asking what the heck the BLM is or what my job was.

The BLM is the Bureau of Land Management, an easy explanation is that it is similar to the Forest Service but with out the forest, Government land without forest on there. I had 3 different jobs there. 1st was that i did Leave No Trace training. 2nd was working at The Eastern Idaho Visitor center where i got to help tourists with what to do in idaho, help with maps, and hunting areas. 3rd was to do compliance on the South Fort River of the Snake River.

It was a great summer. I had a great time. Unfortunately the season ended and i am back at school. so... now i get to go head on with muscles, bones, and psychology. yippee (sarcasm) lol