Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Life in a new place


its been a while since i last posted on here. so i am here to tell you all i have moved apartment building. if you would like my new address please feel free to email/call me and ask for the address.

It is still in rexburg and i am still going to school at BYU-Idaho. The new place is a town house set up(two story) 3 bedroom, 3 full bathroom. 2 fridges, washer and dryer in the apartment and wait for it wait for it.... GARBAGE DISPOSAL. i know i shouldn't be that excited but for some reason people don't understand u cant put food down the drain when you don't have a garbage disposal. instead of cinder blocks for walls i have dry wall. and our lounge has a theater room for like 80 people, a game room, a small gym, a sitting area with a fire place, and a study room. it also comes with two grills on the patio.

So i am loving my new home.

So the past summer i was working with the BLM here in Idaho Falls and had an awesome time. my bosses were amazing and my co-workers at the Eastern Idaho Visitor Center were probably the best co-workers i have ever had. So know you are probably asking what the heck the BLM is or what my job was.

The BLM is the Bureau of Land Management, an easy explanation is that it is similar to the Forest Service but with out the forest, Government land without forest on there. I had 3 different jobs there. 1st was that i did Leave No Trace training. 2nd was working at The Eastern Idaho Visitor center where i got to help tourists with what to do in idaho, help with maps, and hunting areas. 3rd was to do compliance on the South Fort River of the Snake River.

It was a great summer. I had a great time. Unfortunately the season ended and i am back at school. so... now i get to go head on with muscles, bones, and psychology. yippee (sarcasm) lol

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So i love pictures...yay

i will explain all this later but right now i got to get this blog up for photo

fast shutter

Slow Shutter



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a weird phenomenon

so...for those of you who know me well, i like to sleep. but the universe has decided that i am going to be automatically waking up now before 730 am every morning. GROSS. i feel like crying. lol not really but i dont love the idea of waking up that early either. lol

so now the second half of my week in san fran

So we went to the best farmers market i have ever been to. At the Ferry Building in San Francisco. if u are there on saturday morning i strongly recommend this as breakfast and lunch... don't make any other plans and just feast ur eyes on the beautiful fruit and let your imagination run wild with the aroma of the large variety of foods being cooked there for you to enjoy and drool over like a puppy. Later that night me and my dad got dressed in our Tux and looked pretty good. we met up with Sarah and Patrick(sister and brother-in-law) and they were of course looking stunning, i think they should both be models :D. the dinner was fun, we got to rub shoulders with some businesses that did some amazing projects like the guys who redid the Bay Bridge.(if u don't know what i'm talking about look it up how they did it. its amazing) this was my first dinner i got to go to with my dad and when it came to us i got so nervous that i could barely keep it in. unfortunately we did not win. but the project that did did a great job so it wasn't one of those loses when u cant figure out why the other group got it.

So then on sunday we had another amazing day food wise.(and company of course) me and my dad got up early and walked around san francisco and just had a nice time together. we went to.......i think its called telemark hill. the one with a tall skinny statue on it. and then walked to a place called Mamma's in the little italy of San Francisco. while me and my dad stood in the long line for this place i ran across the street and got some Focaccia bread that was deliciouse. i loved it and ate it all. :D.

after meeting up with sarah and patrick and eating at Momma's we went our own ways. i went to hangout with Pras,(best friend from high school) patrick went home, and sarah and daddy went to Aunt Mary's.

i got to meet Pras's girlfriend and then we went to a club to celebrate my was fun but we were all tired so we only stayed for like an hour and then went to his apartment and then i went back to my apartment to crash. then Pras drove me to the airport monday morning and i went to provo to hang out with robert for a couple days. it was a lot of fun. i will write soon and finish up the story cause there is a wedding to talk about...who's wedding? u will have to get back on soon and read.

school started today so i'm off to try and get into Human Anatomy and Physiology. wish me luck

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Birthdays ROCK

so i love birthdays....or birth-weeks lol. this year as been awesome, right when my life was getting a little challenging, what decides to pop up. my birthday. YAY. First off these girls in my ward(church) came and heart attacked my door and put the best pick up lines on the hearts. like "i brought thread and a needle cause ur RIPPED"(wish that was true. lol) but then i went to Utah for the weekend to be with my brother, robert. we went to the movies on friday, i got to go with one of my best friends in the world, Autumn. Then we went to Denny's for late night food. next day we went OFF ROADING in Robert's new jeep and had a blast. Then that night we went to SAPA...if u like sushi or just a fun place, go there. its in Salt Lake City and the atmosphere is fun and food good. Robert hooked me up with Alfred Hitchcock movies that are hard to get, and also a cool looking pair of headphone. Tom(roberts roommate and a family friend) got me the Ultimate Guide to Photography by National Geographic. Haven't read it yet but im excited. sunday i went to conference with a friend of mine, Gauchey and then drove home for finals week.

Went through the week and did descent on my finals and the whole semester over all...and then thursday flew to San Francisco. Now im here and having a blast. My awesome sister Sarah and brother in-law Patrick came and picked me. we were all tired so we just went home and slept. then Friday i got to sleep in(amazing of course) and then went to lunch with high school best friend ever, Pras. it was really awesome to see him again. we are going to hang out sunday. we got...of course. Clam Chowder in Sourdough Bread Bowls.mmmmmmm..:D good memories. then my dad got into town and we went to this restraunt...i dont know what its called, ill find it, but it was amazing...ill write about that in the next blogg along with the name. its Saturday plans other than the AGC awards dinner tonight (similar to the Grammy but for Landscaping Companies).

so till next time about the end of this amazing weekend. take care, and also feel free to post comments about what ever on here, its just nice and more encouraging to write when i know someone is reading

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

whats up

hey everyone. so whats going on?

im here chillin in rexburg, luving life and doing great. last night went to my roommates bball game and had fun watching his team win. go P.O.T=players of talent. REALLY? yep thats his teams name. yay for P.O.T lol. but other than that we rearranged our living room and moved the juke box into the room and got rid os a table that really wasnt needed. yay. oh yeah, i got a juke box. that plays records. its awesome. i will post a pic once i clean it up. i am doing that this saturday. yay. a fhe sister and friend (Megan) is coming over for an office marathon and cleaning. yay i am happy. well....what else

oh yeah. i love the snow....have i ever said that before??i dont know. but i love the snow. i am taking snow camping this semester and we are going to learn on monday about snow shulters/caves. i am so excited. i think everyone should be required to take one "skills class"(fun) during the winter. it will take those blues away. coming up in march i am leading a snow shoeing trip. fun fun fun. and it helps give me hours towards experience. its like getting paid in experience hours...aka=volunteer. lol

other than that i am having a blast with everyhting else. my schedule for this semster is as follows
mon&wen=winter camping
tue&thursday= wilderness first aid
thursday only=recreation orientation and auto 101

and for church, i am the ward photographer, and also a part of the activities commitee. WOOHOO so excited

well, after giving yall my schedule, i just realized that i got some homework to do ASAP. so until then, see yall later, and remeber that u are always welcome to send comments. well, take care


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

i love life

hey everyone,
so this semester is AMAZING so far and probably will be that way for the rest of my college life and so on. i am so happy to be in recreation management you have no idea. this past week was amazing. i met my FHE sister for this semester. one apartment is from last semester and a new one. they Rule, i have been blessed with 2 semesters in a row with awesome FHE sisters..actually, come to think of it, i have always had good FHE sisters while at school here.

for those who don't know what FHE is, its Family Home Evening, and that means we meet monday nights have a spiritual lesson, activity and then treats. its a time to get together as a family and learn.

but other than that, lets see what else is new....i love skiing... go every friday, anyone want to go hit up targhee :) just let me know

christmas was a lot of fun. i love my family, then we went to hawaii for new years. if anyone wants to hear a good story about our awesome president in hawaii, leave a comment, i want to know who reads this.
-well im off.
take care