Thursday, February 19, 2009

My life so far in a nut shell

to begin here or begin there... that is the question. :) well i am still at BYU-I and doing great. my college angle has changed a little with majors and minors than what it was before. i am still majoring in Photography through the BFA program here. i am not technically in the program yet but as soon as i get my portfolio together i will apply. the thing that as changed is that i am no longer a Dance Minor. with the BFA program your emphasis(Photo) is your minor.

other things is that i am now a Tutor. i don't tutor students regularly but i tutor new student on a computer system called Kurzweil. This is a reading comprehension program along with speed reading helper and helps with organization. jeez where was this on high

lets see. my classes are as follow:
Mon, Wed. Middle East Studies, Ballroom Tech 1, Dance Teaching Tech 1 and Clogging and . Missionary Book of Mormon.
Tur, Thurs Drawing 1 in the morning and Photo 1 at night. (long day)

Fri. Teach Tech 1 and Dance Teaching Tech


i will be scanning my photo negatives onto the computer soon and will post them. i dont have any digital ones cause i let my roommate borrow my camera and he dropped it :( but it is now fixed :).

so i am going to be attending school up here in idaho year round. that means i probebly wont be home again until xmas :( thats a long time.

well i will write soon, hopefully but my art class is currently kicking me in the behind.

take care

i am LAME

so i now i told everyone that i would update my blogg but i am a dork and completly forgot how to use my memory. i am now working on a blogg and going to post it no later than monday night. i promise it will be good. but i am alive and will give everyone updates soon. :(sorry. forgive a stressed college student :)