Tuesday, December 8, 2009

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

I am still alive here in Rexburg. It is getting cold and is SNOWING :D :D :D :D :D (many happy faces). I am doing good health wise, no more being sick for me, no way. Not much has been happening. Tonight (Tuesday 12/8/09) my ward(church) is going to have a closing social party since there is a week and a half of school and being the Ward Photographer, I made a slide show of the semester in review. It took a while but is awesome, with music coming from Kooza(circus du solee), halloween music, Christmas music, and more. It was a lot of fun making it. it runs 17 minutes long but is awesome, or so I think, ill tell u next week how it goes. Other than that not much. I made homemade Macoroni and Cheese on Sunday with a recipe from my mom, super yummy. Roommates were drooling over it and looked like happy puppies when I told them they could have some. Lol. Oh those boys. Never a dule moment.

By next week I will have a date to tell u about and how I am mentally for finals that will start next Wednesday. Oh boy, im ready for Christmas.

Luv ya all, take care,

Alexander(Lex) J Cowan

P.S. i will put a new pic with each post.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

after thanksgiving, life happens.

Hello everyone, still getting use to the routine of every Tuesday. So, it was great to see those who I saw over the break. I will be back again in 3 weeks and look forward to seeing everyone again.

Thanksgiving went very well. We had a great blessing to have all of the family, minus Amanda my sister since she is on a mission for the LDS church, home for the holidays. I got to help my mom, have lunch with friends, eat turkey dinner, go to 6 Flags, and also see Kooza(Cirque Du Soleil) in Santa Monica.

Oh my goodness I love Cirque Du Soleil. If you ever get chance to see any Cirque Du Soleil show. DO IT. the costume, the music, the makeup, and of course the things the people do. From tightrope walking(cant spell, the high rope in the sky) to contortionists, to trapeze, and much much more. It is amazing, beautiful, and amazing(yes twice).

So, to come in future weeks I get to have finals in 2 weeks, catch up in all classes by Tuesday(should be easy) and stuff that I don’t even know is going to happen.

This is all I’m going to put up this week, feel free to ask questions and what not. Hope all is well with you, Merry Christmas, and God Bless.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

my not so fun life right now

so here is an update for everyone.

i just got over having the swine flu. GROSS. had a really bad cold a week before getting the swine and it sucks being sick. but right before i found out i was sick, i found out i was in the wrong major. yep thats right. after talking to advisors they told me to join Wildlife and Fisheries. when midterms came around i was totally confused with how that major was going to help me become a Park Ranger(will explain later) so i went to my advisor and asked

"how the heck is this going to help me with becoming a ranger?"

he asked "what do you want to do"

i said"i want to be the dorky guy who says that geyser grows 1 cm per century and oh look there's a bison, don't get to close it might charge ya, old faithful will go off at 3, and so on"

the he says with a chuckle "your in the wrong major, you don't need science, u need recreation management."


i know. so i went to go check out this recreation management thing. and guess what. the classes consist of camping, how to organize large group events. skiing, crowd control and stuff thats active and it fits me perfectly. so next semester i HAVE to take basic camping, skiing, Recreation management orientation, snow camping, and another that is a surprise for my mom so if you want to know you will have to talk to me because she reads this. lol. but yeah. does that not sound like me. and with this major i can be a park ranger but also so many things that i can also do. like international recreation management for military bases. woot woot.

oh and for those who are asking" WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO COAST GUARD" i looked at what i wanted to do and the timeline that went with it and i realized i would be a lot happier with working with people in a national forest setting and taking pictures while im there. so yeah. its going to be fun. and as soon as i have my energy back from being sick, ill have some sanity back and put some of my recent pictures i have taken up on here so yall can see it and talk about my internship i had during the summer. can you say Idaho's International Dance Festival Publicity Photographer. it was fun but this is for next time. feel free to email me at lexc.ana@gmail.com. would love to talk to ya and see how u are doing.

take care yall and hopefully talk to you soon

Monday, April 27, 2009


okay, i know it seems like i fell off the face of the world but i am still here. this is whats happening with me.

i finished winter semester. the snow is still coming down in April but i am still loving it. i dont think anyhting but the heat can defeat my happiness. but i will be able to survive. i passed the semester with a 3.361. i am very happy about it. my hardest class was Drawing 1. it is alot harder than it sounds. but i passed(barely)

this semester i am back to taking 12 credits. YAY!!!! probably will never take 18 credits again. my schedule is as follows

Monday - New Testament and color Photography
Tuesday- digital photography, color/design, and Genesis(explain later)
Wednesday- New Testament, color photography, Barrel Racing(until May 1st)
Thursday - digital photography, color/design, and Genesis(explain later)
Friday - New Testament.

So... Genesis is a Student ran company that puts you in real world situations with costumers. it is for communications but i am auditing it for Photography, and having real life experiences.

I am going to be starting an internship soon with the Chamber of Commerce here in Rexburg, Idaho. I will be doing Photography and working next to a Graphic Designer whos company does NIKE. ooooo la la

well, Thats all. if you have any questions or want to know more, please comment. 

this week i am going to do a photo shoot on "easy art project" dont know what that mean, must contact the reporter and also on the important people in our community.

i will fill you in on what else happens and hope to have some pictures.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My life so far in a nut shell

to begin here or begin there... that is the question. :) well i am still at BYU-I and doing great. my college angle has changed a little with majors and minors than what it was before. i am still majoring in Photography through the BFA program here. i am not technically in the program yet but as soon as i get my portfolio together i will apply. the thing that as changed is that i am no longer a Dance Minor. with the BFA program your emphasis(Photo) is your minor.

other things is that i am now a Tutor. i don't tutor students regularly but i tutor new student on a computer system called Kurzweil. This is a reading comprehension program along with speed reading helper and helps with organization. jeez where was this on high school.lol.

lets see. my classes are as follow:
Mon, Wed. Middle East Studies, Ballroom Tech 1, Dance Teaching Tech 1 and Clogging and . Missionary Book of Mormon.
Tur, Thurs Drawing 1 in the morning and Photo 1 at night. (long day)

Fri. Teach Tech 1 and Dance Teaching Tech


i will be scanning my photo negatives onto the computer soon and will post them. i dont have any digital ones cause i let my roommate borrow my camera and he dropped it :( but it is now fixed :).

so i am going to be attending school up here in idaho year round. that means i probebly wont be home again until xmas :( thats a long time.

well i will write soon, hopefully but my art class is currently kicking me in the behind.

take care

i am LAME

so i now i told everyone that i would update my blogg but i am a dork and completly forgot how to use my memory. i am now working on a blogg and going to post it no later than monday night. i promise it will be good. but i am alive and will give everyone updates soon. :(sorry. forgive a stressed college student :)