Thursday, June 26, 2008

first week at school

so this has been my very first week in college. and it has been totally awesome. i have loved every minuet of classes are:
everymorning @ 0900-1000 social dance. we are learning the fox trot right now and next the cha cha i think.
second every Monday and Wednesday i have Book of Mormon studies from 1200-1400 and mission prep from 1700-1900.

yesterday i started the Atkins diet and don't worry i know how to do it so i wont become sick. lol i am 265 and trying to get to 220. so here i go :]

and surprise. i am volunteering for something. it is called courage reins. here you can see what they are about: i am being trained on Friday 6/27/08.

well no current photos to go with this post but i will have some soon of my training

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Utah and its glory

Utah and its glory

Monday June 16th i went for a drive up the alpine loop. this is located up the Provo Canyon. This is the most beautiful sight i have seen. After driving for about an hour i saw so many beautiful scenes. The only way to explain them are to see them for yourself but to help those who cant make it to Utah here are the photos i took. i took all the dirt roads in my jeep to get these photos. it was awesome :) if you ever have the chance to go there. get a 4-wheel drive vehicle and take as many dirt roads as you can. you will not be disappointed.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Utah here i am

so after packing Friday morning. we started the road trip up to Utah in my sexy red jeep wrangler. The road trip consists of my dad and myself with the back all full of junk. lol. seems that is all you need to take to college, junk. well we left at like 1430 (2:30pm) from Anaheim and only hit traffic twice all the way up. we were both shocked at the time we made. on the way we stopped at a place called the Mad Greek. oh my gosh it was so good. it looks like a dive but if u ever go by one. STOP THERE it is awesome.

after that we went straight to St. George utah. there we stopped for the night at 2130(9:30) we ate at a Mexican restaurant that i cant remember what it was called but everyone loves it in utah. rio something. i dont remember but it was a scarf joint. (scarf means really good in my lingo). then on sat. morning we headed out early and made it to provo by 1030.

after unloading the my jeep we (now including my brother) all went to costco, office max, and the mall to get stuff for college. then that night we three went to a place called Cucina Toscana which is one of the best Italian restaurants in the world for my family. ohh my gosh was it wonderful.
after dinner we dropped my dad off at his hotel and headed home.

today i went to church with robert (my brother) at 0830. the bishop and the entire ward seems really nice.and now i am here writing to u. well have to go do something. doont know yet but i will let u know. later

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Welcome one and all to my blog. i hope you will enjoy all that i have to say. But if not then stinks to be u. any questions feel free to ask me at any time
(there u go mommy)