Monday, April 27, 2009


okay, i know it seems like i fell off the face of the world but i am still here. this is whats happening with me.

i finished winter semester. the snow is still coming down in April but i am still loving it. i dont think anyhting but the heat can defeat my happiness. but i will be able to survive. i passed the semester with a 3.361. i am very happy about it. my hardest class was Drawing 1. it is alot harder than it sounds. but i passed(barely)

this semester i am back to taking 12 credits. YAY!!!! probably will never take 18 credits again. my schedule is as follows

Monday - New Testament and color Photography
Tuesday- digital photography, color/design, and Genesis(explain later)
Wednesday- New Testament, color photography, Barrel Racing(until May 1st)
Thursday - digital photography, color/design, and Genesis(explain later)
Friday - New Testament.

So... Genesis is a Student ran company that puts you in real world situations with costumers. it is for communications but i am auditing it for Photography, and having real life experiences.

I am going to be starting an internship soon with the Chamber of Commerce here in Rexburg, Idaho. I will be doing Photography and working next to a Graphic Designer whos company does NIKE. ooooo la la

well, Thats all. if you have any questions or want to know more, please comment. 

this week i am going to do a photo shoot on "easy art project" dont know what that mean, must contact the reporter and also on the important people in our community.

i will fill you in on what else happens and hope to have some pictures.