Tuesday, November 10, 2009

my not so fun life right now

so here is an update for everyone.

i just got over having the swine flu. GROSS. had a really bad cold a week before getting the swine and it sucks being sick. but right before i found out i was sick, i found out i was in the wrong major. yep thats right. after talking to advisors they told me to join Wildlife and Fisheries. when midterms came around i was totally confused with how that major was going to help me become a Park Ranger(will explain later) so i went to my advisor and asked

"how the heck is this going to help me with becoming a ranger?"

he asked "what do you want to do"

i said"i want to be the dorky guy who says that geyser grows 1 cm per century and oh look there's a bison, don't get to close it might charge ya, old faithful will go off at 3, and so on"

the he says with a chuckle "your in the wrong major, you don't need science, u need recreation management."


i know. so i went to go check out this recreation management thing. and guess what. the classes consist of camping, how to organize large group events. skiing, crowd control and stuff thats active and it fits me perfectly. so next semester i HAVE to take basic camping, skiing, Recreation management orientation, snow camping, and another that is a surprise for my mom so if you want to know you will have to talk to me because she reads this. lol. but yeah. does that not sound like me. and with this major i can be a park ranger but also so many things that i can also do. like international recreation management for military bases. woot woot.

oh and for those who are asking" WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO COAST GUARD" i looked at what i wanted to do and the timeline that went with it and i realized i would be a lot happier with working with people in a national forest setting and taking pictures while im there. so yeah. its going to be fun. and as soon as i have my energy back from being sick, ill have some sanity back and put some of my recent pictures i have taken up on here so yall can see it and talk about my internship i had during the summer. can you say Idaho's International Dance Festival Publicity Photographer. it was fun but this is for next time. feel free to email me at lexc.ana@gmail.com. would love to talk to ya and see how u are doing.

take care yall and hopefully talk to you soon