Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy late halloween

so i apologize that it has been so long since i posted a new post. i have been very busy but i am now able to sit down and take a breather.

so for halloween in my art class we had a party and i thought i would make something home made, so i went on to my favorite website ever.

so i decided to make fried apple pies. they are little individual ones and fried. i started off spending 1 hour peeling apples

then friends showed up and we got th party started. my friend Autumn helped to slice the apples.

and then we got to cook u the apple with cinnamon and sugar. it was deliciouse.

the finished product of the apples sauce, it was deliciouse

and now the dough. it wasn't to bad on it own. mmm yummy salt. lol

nice little circles for the individual apple pies.

while we are cooking my roommates decide to explore the roof.

but meanwhile we fry away. it was a lot of work but a lot of fun.

Step one, load the dough circles with homemade apple sauce. step two, fold over the dough and seal them up. step three, fry them up. the bubbling oil hurt but it smelt great and tasted great as well.

they were a large success. i am now going to start hiring out my cooking services. so if anyone is looking for a good meal. let me know. but a catch is you need to be where i am lol. well i will update in the next couple days about my trip to Las Vegas and my campaign work for McCain and Palin.