Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Art Grade

So just to quickly give an update i got 100% on both art pojects that are described in the post: "Art Yikes" yay. i will pt in a better update when i get more time but i am heading to denver this weekend so we shall see.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

ART Yikes

So if anyone knows my art. they know that i am not that skilled. Dancing and photography are my true passions but i am trying to learn to draw. so these are my first two projects that i have turned in. the first one was about principles. here is the full lay out of my project.

and here are close ups on each square and i will go into detail at the bottom of each one. so here we go. dont laugh to hard at my poor art.

this one is dominance and subordination. (the names for each one are on top of the drawings)

i drew the ballons to show the dominance by making others out in the distance.

this is repetition and variation. i drew this free hand. i am pretty proud of this one out of all of them. the I-pod nano designs were chosen by a friend of mine.

this is balance symetrical, meaning it had to be even and identical on each side. I saw this picture on line and new it would be simple to draw.

this is movement. it boes from the bottom to the top. can anyone guess what this scene is from. leave me a comment with your guess.

this is rythm. you can read it as you go across the picture or somthing like that. i am not to sure.

now here is balance asymetrical. it doesnt look right but it was a las minuet thing and my least favorite out of all of them.

now for my second project i had to redo this picture by picasso up side down and double the size.

obviously the one on the right is the original and was on a basic sheet of paper like for a printer. the one on the left was my copy of it. i just saw some mistakes so now i am sad. but i learned a lot about proportions.

and to make me happy, i am going to end this with a photo i took. enjoy and have great day.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My apartment. ALRIGHT

So to everyone who wants to wright or send random items ;) my address is:
Lex Cowan
354S 1st W Apt 18
Rexburg, ID 83440

and this is my apartment complex...

this is the stair case that i go up EVERYDAY. lol. i am on the top floor. can you say EXERCISE.

YAY my door. hence the 18 over it.

The back of my front door with my buddy coming in.

and behind you is our fabulouse kitchen

(if no photo, i will update later. internet problems)

and now to your left is our hallway and this is our bathroom coming riht off the hallway.

and to your right is the shower and toilet room. and no, it is not pink. the lighting is bad and no natural light can make it in here so we get pink.

now please exit the bathroom and go right. you now see the entrance to my room

and this is my room. i was in the midde of moving in and still am so when i am done and it looks neat i will post a new pic.

and my closet remember i was moving in and dont have any new photos of it now cause my roommate is still working on it. i will post some when my be and closet looks nice

now leaving my room i here it the hall way.

at the end of the hallway are two rooms and there are 6 of us here in the apartment.
i am not sure what else to put so enjoy the photo tour and ask questions or leave comments. i like those. :)

take care everyone

Monday, September 1, 2008

Idaho woo hoo

so for those who didn't know, i am now in Idaho. Attending the BYU campus in Rexburg.

I left California on Thursday after with some of my friends, Tom and Brooke and my brother, Robert
we dropped off Tom and Brooke in Provo and me and robert headed up to Rexberg, Idaho. it took a while for us to find the idaho sign but we found it:

and then drove longer, rocking out to music and having fun on the way

we stopped in Idaho Falls and checked out the temple there. it was a very beautiful temple. these pictures do not do it justice

we ate pringles and then when we arrived to rexberg, the sun set was amazing,

so we moved on but no one can see any pics of my place until after friday just cause, the one i am in is not the one i am living in. long story. email me if you want the whole story. lol

well today, monday i went for a walk around campus, oh by the way ,happy labor day :), and if any one loves gardens, trees, flowers and everything that is beautiful this is the place to be. check it out.

it's weird that how good cabbage works and looks good at the same time.

lady bug for good luck :)

anyone know if this is an old bee hive or a new one. i thought it was a nest but then i looked closer and saw the bees and old honey comb.

so i came around a corner in this awesome oasis and came upon this waterfall. it was beautiful

and then coming around another corner i found this area completely secluded from everywhere. surrounded by plants and trees. this might become my reading area. it is beautiful, here you go for a visual

and here are some more random pictures i took

well, i shall post more as it comes up. be sure to leave comments and let me know what u think