Monday, July 28, 2008

the hills are alive..... with trees

over the last weekend my old roommate Chaz Floyd, his mom, and myself went up into the mountains for a drive in my Jeep. we took the top off and the doors so it was open air. we went up during the day but then came back later and went all the way to Park City. here is what we saw up at Big Cotton wood and Little Cotton wood:


so last week i took my Cha-Cha and did awesome; i got a 94. after dancing with 2 different girls i got to do my test and i don't know if anyone knows the cha cha but it is tiring for beginners. so i didn't get what i should of but i still did good. my dancing partner was Amy for this one.
we both got 94 so we like totally rocked the house. i also danced with two other amazing dancers but i cant remember their names :( but here are our couple photos:

this move is the cross body break this one is the Sweetheart. ;)

i think they did good but i am not sure.

This week we are learning the Waltz and my partner is going to be a friend of mine names Laura. i will have photos of her when we take our test but we are also competing on the 9th in Dancesport. we are doing cha-cha and triple step. so it will be fun.

also this Thursday is my medal test for Social Dance 180. this is when a teacher from outside our class comes in and grades us. this is considered one of two choices for our final. YIKES well i will let you guys know more about everything that is going on in dance.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

just get up and dance!

so i am taking social dance 180(beginners) and having a blast. 2 weeks ago we did our Fox Trot test and i got a 93 which is awesome. the 3rd highest grade in the class i believe. my partner Nicole is an awesome dance partner. she knew how to execute every move and did beautifully.
this is her:

but also that day i danced with a good buddy of mine, Amy, she was also an awesome dancer. we practices alot and in the end i believe she also got an "A" on the test. this is her.

i have both tests on video but cant upload them on my blog cause they are to big. if you would like to see them. email me or leave a comment and i will send them to you.

Friday, July 11, 2008

salt lake city

so first off. sorry about not staying on top of blogging. lots have happened in college life. to much for me. lol. where to begin? a little note but this is a long Blog. and only one day :)

well after i took the drive on alpine loop i came across my roomate from junior year, Chaz Floyd. it was awesome finding him. i thought maybe he fell off the face if the earth. lol

well i drove up to see him and we went to go see Kung Fu Panda. it was hilarious. i havent laughed like that in a while. we then went to cheese cake factory to get some cheese cake and then to his house to play X Box 360. after playing that for an while he had to go to work so i went to downtown Salt Lake City to temple square.

i had never gone on an official tour of the conference center

so i decided since i had a couple hours to spend i would go on one. we went all over but the best was the roof. i had never been up there. here is what i saw:

then we went inside and half way through our tour our guide tells us that the MOTAB (Mormon Tabernacle Choir) will be practicing and we are invited to watch if we want to. :) heck ya i want to go/ so as we entered the conference room i came across one of my favorite pieces of art. i like this because when ever i ask someone what they see the say something different. it is up to the interpretation of the audience. someday i would like to ask the artist what he/she was thinking of when they did it and what they want it to be. let me know what you think it is.

then we went inside to sit and watch the rehearsal.

After i listen to the rehearsal i met up with a buddy of mine. my best friend from church Amy Hellewell (don't know how to spell that name) we went to a cafe that was awesome, called Avenues Bakery. it was delicious.

After dinner with Amy we said our goodbyes and then i met back up with Chaz to see "Get Smart" or what ever that movie is called. that was also hilarious. that i got home around 4am. :) i love college life