Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Blog for Europe

Hey everyone, so i am starting a new blog for my Europe trip. 


Here is the first post, The rest will be only on that one. 

So, I am now graduated college and so what do I need to do??? TRAVEL!!!!

My best friend Autumn and I are going to go from Czech Republic down to Turkey in 2 months.

Mission: See everything, eat everything, do everything and enjoy life.


I fly out today from LAX and by way of Germany Land in Prague, Czech Republic. For those who want to see where I currently am, check out this link


Use the password: alexanderthegreat

I will for sure updater this weekly if not more. So stay posted and leave comments, suggestions, or happy faces. :)

So, off I go to double check everything.

Ill update again as soon as I get to Prague
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