Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lets Try Something New

Ok, We all know that I do not have the best memory. But this was worst than before. I haven't written in here in a long time. Sorry. So instead of trying to play catch up, I am starting today and going forward.

Hi, My name is Lex and I am the Educator Coordinator for the Next 2 weeks.

Yep, you read that right, I got promoted from volunteer to coordinator. This entails I organize the volunteers into tutoring schedule for the students who need a little bit of extra help. I am excited to be back with the school as well as being able to go with Sarah and Patrick to medical whenever they go.

OH YEAH, SARAH AND PATRICK ARE HERE. So stocked. I am super excited they are here.

So to get an idea of what I got to do last week, and what is in store for the next two weeks. Click on this link and watch it. The music is great as well, so if you can, turn those speakers on.

Well. I am off to a coordinator meeting. I will do better with my blogging.

Oh, before i go. A quick story. So I finally went to medical last week on thursday. It was SUper. As much as i know i don't want to go into anything medical now. It was still great. There was this tiny old women who was the sweetest thing ever. The sad part was that her feet and hands were almost not there at all with the effects of leprosy. She couldn't walk without her special shoes, so instead of putting the shoes back on in between each station, i carried her. She had the biggest smile on her face, and just was amazing. She had the sweetest spirit with her.

So now i am off to the meeting. Please watch the video, it is amazing.

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elphyandfiyero said...

Dear Lex,

I don't care if I've already said this cause I'm sure I have. But I'm so proud of you big brother. I watched the video, loved the song, and I'm proud of what you chose to do. It's really great what you and everyone are doing. Keep it up and hang in there, though I can see you're having a blast.

Love you and miss you still,
Your lil sis, Alexis

P.s. You REALLY got to get better at blogging. It's been 10 days....Just saying.