Sunday, July 24, 2011

Good bye RSO

So even though this post is about 14 hours late, i am still going to write it as if it was Friday night, cause that is when i started this post

My time has come to an end here at RSO. :(

Tonight while saying goodbye to the boys i could not hold it together. I had tears streaming down my face. The boys kept telling me to not cry, cause I will see them again. It was very sweet. I was suppose to be out of there at 9pm, didn't leave the Hostel(where to boys sleep) till 10pm. A piece of my heart will be left behind. But my mind and heart has grown so much.

A saying i have started saying to explain the way Indians live their life in comparison to us in America is that we try to MAKE the most of our time, and the Indians try to GET the most from their time. I feel i have adapted that into my life, but we will see how far that goes before I start making the most of my time. It will be interesting.

I am now planning on coming back next year and staying for at least one year, if they have a position for me on the staff here. It would be so cool, cause then i can get to know the staff at the school and their families as well, also see the kids grow and go through a whole year of school. Meet some of their families and get to know them better. Each one has such a unique story that i could take years to learn them all.

So, a question many people have asked me, is "What's in store now?" and the answer to that. I am planning on finishing my associates in April of 2012, and then return to India for a prolonged period of time. Then who knows. I know i am not sure. But i will see what life has in plan for me then.

But for the next 2 weeks, i get to travel with my totally awesome sister Amanda. We are in Delhi, India for 2 days. Then we are making our way to Thailand to see our Uncle. Well, will update ya when i have Internet access again. See you all in a couple weeks.

Thanks again to all those who helped make this experience with Rising Star Outreach happen. I will be having a Fireside/lunch-in kind of a thing when I return. So i will let you all know and hopefully you can attend. But take care and feel free to ask questions. I would love to answer any questions you have.

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