Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where does the time go?

Can you believe it has been 2 months since i left America?  I know i cant. I also cant believe it has been 10 days since my last post. There are not enough hours in the day. So, what has been going on with me? A lot. Like I said in my last post, I am a coordinator.  I have been helping lead this session of 37 volunteers through their 2 weeks of service here in India. It is a lot of work. This is my daily schedule

800: coordinator meeting
830: Morning Conclave
850: assemble the tutors for that day and head to campus
900: give instructions to tutors(every day we rotate, so things are always changing)
915-1205: tutoring/observing
1205-1240: lunch
1240-1400: more tutoring/observing
1400-1545: this is suppose to be free time, but i usually have work to do in here
1545: cut fruit for dinner w/ tutors
1600-1700: Track duty (watch the children who misbehaved run laps)
1700-1815: Work with teacher/staff on english(oncw in a while it is free time)
1815-1930: dinner
1930-2100: family time
2100-0800: free time( but then amanda has the computer, so no blogging)

and it starts all over again. I have been able to go with medical every third day though. Its creepy but awesome all at the same time. Yeaterday we went to a colony called Vangalor(i think). I was helping wrap the patients ulcers. Then i swapped positions with another volunteer and the nurse, Navoomani, told me to sit in her seat. THe women here are very stubborn, when they tell you to do something. It is difficult to say differently. So i took her seat (which i right in front of the feet with ulcers) and she hands me the scissors.

She wants me to cut off the flesh that needs to be cut. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH. That was scary. Luckily one fo the guys i had to take care of was chatting with another patient and was laughing the whole time. It was still weird.

Tutoring though is going good. Difficult sometimes cause there is a lot of room for improvement, but we cant progress since the "official" principal is not here in India and wants it her way. So we do it as close to her way as possible, but sometimes still have to switch stuff on my own. Like 2 crazy kids trying to read Hansel and Gretel with 1 tutor. HA HA i dont think so. That went out of control in about .2 seconds. Other than that the tutoring is going good.

So a sweet story to tell, then i must go.

The other night the boys in my family discovered I was leving Saturday Morning for good and this is how the conversation went. Imagine 9 boys from age 9-14 years old and also i had brought over a whip, just to show them how to crack it.

Me: Yes i am leaving on saturday
boy 1: ok, I will hide in your suitcase
Boy 2: i will come too and keep you company
boy 3: i am coming
Me: ok, lets go see if you will fit
Boy 4: Wait, we can not fit all in the suitcase
Boy 2: oh...well...I know. We will sneak to Chennai(where i am flying out of) and kick the airplane so it can not leave
all the boys: yeah yeah, that is a great idea( as they practice there kicking moves in the air)
Me: but i think the plane might do more damage to you then you would to the plane.
Boy 6: Yep, planes are very strong and we are still young.
Boy 7: Ok, then we will steel your whip, and not to hard. We will whip the pilot and climb into the pilot seat, and fly the plane here to RSO campus

Can i just say i love these boys. Ok. I will wright at least 1 more befor i leave campus on Saturday morning here (friday night in america)

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Melissa said...

you're awesome, lex. i love little young men that age. they are so sweet and still compassionate and don't feel like they gotta be cool n tough yet. hahaha. miss you!