Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Woo Hoo...New discovery

First off, just to let everyone know. I am in Idaho now. It was nice to see those i saw in California and sad to not see some of you either. Hopefully I will be able to see you on my next visit.

Now this is just a quick post, but the other day I went to meet a friend in Idaho Falls(30 min S.W.) at a coffeehouse(coco for me :) ). When I walked in I fell in love. It had a classic look to it with nice wooden floors, small tables scattered strategically around, large comfy couches, and my Favorite personal touch....Books. I don't know why I love books so much, but i do. Maybe it was my parents having a library themselves in our home instead of TV. I just know i feel home when there are books. But back on topic. It was great. To those who might be reading this and are in Idaho, here is the information for it:

The Villa Coffeehouse
344 Park Ave
Idaho FallsID 83402

iI know, i should of taken photos, but i didn't have my Camera. It was nice to just find a simple place to relax and talk. So....Just letting you know my new discovery. :)

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